Nine foods for weight loss

Nine foods for weight loss

Foods for weight loss must meet very specific criteria. No, they do not have to be low-fat. The calories are not always important. And there are no special shakes required. Food for weight loss should not only help with weight loss, but at the same time be healthy. We therefore present to you nine foods that meet all the requirements that a food needs for losing weight: they saturate, they are healthy at the same time, they taste wonderful and they make you slim.

Foods that help with weight loss

It has long been known that the usual diets are neither healthy nor their results permanent. Of course, it is also clear that a change of diet to a basic and natural diet is the best – not only for the slim line, but also for the health.

If it were not for the time, the daily hustle and bustle, the unavailable sources of fresh food, and all the other excuses that come to mind why just now a diet change is completely impossible.

Do you belong to those people who would like to be permanently slim, but at the same time simply do not have the nerve for a complete and lasting dietary change?

Then move the diet change to later and focus on the following nine foods for the time being and integrate them regularly into your usual diet.

You will see: the success will not be long in coming!

Nine foods that make you slim

The following nine foods all have the right characteristics to help you lose weight in a healthy way  :

  • They saturate very well.
  • They prevent hot-throats .
  • They regulate the blood glucose level .
  • They curb appetite.
  • They even improve the mood.
  • And most importantly, they taste!

In short: the best foods for weight loss provide everything you need in times of weight loss in order to be successful and happy.

1. Whole grain products for weight loss

Before we come to the truly exciting foods that can help with weight loss, firstly the tried and tested whole grain products , which – compared to white flour products – thanks to their abundant dietary fiber significantly promote saturation.

White flour consists of isolated carbohydrates. The body can take it up quickly, digest it, and shortly afterwards it announces again hunger, although it has just taken many calories.

Whole grain products, on the other hand, consist mainly of complex carbohydrates. To digest them, the gastrointestinal tract needs much longer. In this way, the feeling of satiety not only lasts longer, but the blood glucose level also remains much more constant.

Of course, this has long been proven scientifically, For example by Swedish researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

According to the study of 41 normal-weight adults, the longer the whole grain is, the longer is the meal. This also reduces calorie intake during the subsequent meal.

Interestingly, this saturating effect was particularly noticeable when the test persons had consumed only a small, full-grain meal.

Often found in whole grain products at the same time very special dietary fibers – the so-called beta-glucans (especially in barley and oats).

Beta glucans inhibit the hunger sensation very well – which Canadian and Australian researchers reviewed in a study on fourteen adults.

The calorie intake at the following meal could be reduced by about 100 kilocalories if the test takers previously took beta-glucans because they promoted the release of cholecystokinin – a hormone that inhibits appetite.

Beta-glucans can be absorbed very easily with activated barley (Activated Barley). Just stir some activated barley over your soups – which not only helps with slimming but also tastes very delicious.

2. Konjac Noodles for Weight Loss – The basic noodle without calories

Konjac noodles are made from the Konjac root, an Asian root vegetable.

One serving of Konjac noodles contains just 10 kilocalories – which means fewer calories than the same amount of lettuce cucumbers.

Normal noodles, on the other hand, deliver fifteenfold calories.

Konjac is available not only in noodle, but also in powder form or as capsules. So if you do not want to eat noodles every day, just take Konjac as a capsule or stir the powder in your daily shake or smoothie.

Konjac is not only carbohydrate- and almost calorie-free. In addition, Konjac increases the saturation feeling and also binds fats in the digestive system – which can compensate for calorie-rich other meals.

3. Flea seeds for weight loss

In the same way as Konjac, the cups of flea drinking help with weight loss: they are full, but contain hardly any calories themselves.

At the same time, psyllium husks stimulate too slow a digestion, but they also have the same effect of diarrhea and are also improving the intestines. Therefore, flea seed husks – also known as their Latin name Psyllium – are often also part of colon cleansing programs.

How flea seed shells fight the deadly quartet, we explained in detail here: With Flohsamen against the deadly quartet .

“Deadly Quartet” is the so-called Metabolic Syndrome, which describes the four most widespread symptoms of civilization: obesity, hypertension , high blood fats and high blood glucose levels .

Flea seed dishes can be taken easily with very much (!) Water about 15 – 30 minutes before a meal.

You will see that you can then only eat half the food.

4. Organic eggs for weight loss

Of course, conventionally produced eggs should in principle be avoided. Organic eggs, however, may well be a basic diet.

Eggs provide not only with natural proteins and abundant minerals and trace elements – they also make a good deal above average.

From studies it is clear that a meal containing eggs is much better than other meals prepared without eggs.

The thirty participants of a scientific study from 2005 took up to 200 kilocalories less during a subsequent lunch compared to a breakfast without egg (with both types of breakfast providing the same number of calories).

The appetizing effect of the eggs, however, was not limited to the following lunch, but lasted for 36 hours, one and a half days.

5. Pods for weight loss

A comparable effect is found in pods such as beans and peas. This was shown in a meta-analysis of Canadian scientists, which compared the results of different scientific studies with each other.

It turned out that the consumption of pod fruits increased the feeling of saturation by a third. It was no wonder that after a meal of pods, test persons gave a much longer break to the next meal than people who did not eat pods.

6. Almond to Lose Weight – The healthy snack that makes you slim

Almonds are quite calorie-rich with a good 500 calories per 100 g of course. A snack of almonds – unlike chocolate, biscuits and other unhealthy intermediate meals – does NOT lead to a weight gain.

So if you get hungry between two meals, you better go for almonds than for the sweets.

This is also suggested by the Australian and US researchers of a study that not only proved that almonds, despite high calorie content, had no weight gain.

It also revealed that almonds can stimulate the metabolism of the test persons – which is of course the essence of a diet.

Even if you eat almonds instead of whole-grain products (the same amount of calories), you are much better off with almonds – as a study with 65 overweight people showed. They ate 84 grams of almonds daily, or whole-grain products with the same calorie content.

After half a year the almond group had lost 62 percent more weight than the whole grain group.

Further studies also showed that almonds positively influence bone density and cholesterol levels .

7. Saffron for losing weight and for a good mood

Appetite does not develop in the empty stomach, but in the head. So it comes that stress and bad mood often make us more appetite for calorie-rich snacks.

Women in particular are affected by this phenomenon. For this reason, some people are reverting to health-endangering medicines , which are supposed to have an appetite.

This is not necessary, as the results of a scientific study from France show. Study participants with a slight overweight reported a significant drop in appetite for snacks when they took Safrane extract daily.

The researchers explained that the extract lightened the mood of the test persons and thus curbed the need for unhealthy intermediate meals. In this way the saffron extract caused a reduction in body weight.

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8. Korean pine nuts for slimming

Korean pine nuts also inhibit appetite. This was demonstrated by a Dutch study on eighteen overweight women. Up to four hours after the introduction of the Korean pine cores, the researchers were able to establish saturation hormones in the blood of the participants.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids from the pine cores reduced the appetite of the test persons by about one third.

However, as the study showed, Korean pine nuts must be absolutely essential. Polyunsaturated fatty acids from olive oil had no corresponding effect on the hormone budget.

9. Coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil is not pushed into the fat store by the body – like other fats – but – similar to carbohydrates – used for energy production.

If the body wanted to make the coconut oil into the fat reservoirs (into the adipose tissue), he would have to convert it to storage fat. The organism therefore prefers to treat the coconut oil rather than carbohydrates and to burn it.

The great advantage of this is that coconut oil does not raise the blood glucose level – as carbohydrates usually do – and therefore can not lead to hot starter attacks.

In contrast to the omega-6 fatty acids, which are, for example, very abundant in sunflower oil or thistle oil, and reduce the metabolism, the coconut oil activates the metabolism – which in turn is ideal for losing weight.

Coconut oil fits particularly well into the hot kitchen. It can be heated very high and can therefore also be used for frying and frying.

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