I want to lose 8 kg in 2 weeks

I want to lose 8 kg in 2 weeks

Soon the summer will come, you look at yourself in the mirror and with horror you understand how you recovered, but in fact there is not much left 2 weeks to fly. And the person thinks about how he will go to the beach, he does not like the stomach that hangs, you need something to do. There are different ways to lose weight, but you want to quickly do it.

How can I lose 8 kg in 2 weeks? That’s what the girl is interested in, she’s ready to sacrifice for this. I will tell you this short term and I would not recommend so quickly to drop so many kilograms, it can have a sad effect on your health.

Last minute

Yes, it is in the last days, before vacation, that a person thinks about losing weight, wants to have a beautiful body, because he goes to the sea, and wants to look beautiful, on the beach will have to undress. He does not think about the fact that all year he ate everything, and did not pay attention to it, even if he and lose weight, after the end of the summer all will begin again. You need to have a lot of willpower to keep your body in a uniform all the time, to which people who have a fast metabolism , for them it is not a problem, they eat everything and do not get well.

And so a person sits on a protein diet, the daily dose of food becomes 500 – 800 calories per day, this is not enough and the body begins to burn fat. Others start running in the stadium, swing the press, they are written down for aerobics.

Copenhagen diet, cabbage diet, vegetable and fruit, often distributed on some online forums. Some people buy different teas or pills from weight loss, that’s what I would not recommend doing! So you can spoil your stomach!

Effect for 2 weeks

In principle, you can lose weight by 8 kg in 2 weeks in such a short time, but this will greatly affect your condition and health. In addition to burning fat, you will start burning muscle mass (meat), so you will lose 8 kg (fat + meat), and fat will remain on your body, besides, you will not look so beautiful, how would you like, you may have bruises under your eyes, the skin will not be so smooth. It will be a great stress for your body. If you do not stick to the diet, then you will again pick up the 8 kg that you dropped. Even you can gain even more pounds than dropped, but do you need it?

Best I would advise, start cooking your body 3 months before the summer, so you will slowly lose weight at a normal rate, your body will be perfect by the summer, if you need to lose more than 8 kg, then it’s better to start doing it again faster, the ideal way to lose weight to 3 kg per month, so you will be minimally loading your body.


It is better to forget about that to lose 8 kg in 2 weeks, you do not want to spoil your health?
Firstly, there is a risk of getting gastritis or a stomach ulcer.
Secondly, due to a lack of vitamins and calories , you may have health problems, metabolic disorders, blood pressure and various other side effects may increase.

This is a very extreme way to lose as much as a kilo of weight in 2 weeks.

What to do to lose weight as quickly as possible?

Firstly, you need to change your diet, give up sweet, fatty, flour products and foods that contain a high glycemic index (GI), because of them the pancreas makes a large release of insulin into the blood and turns the remains of carbohydrates into fat.

You need to go on a protein diet, this diet will help get rid of fat and will not let the body lose muscle mass, and help get rid of fat. You can also use a bio additive that kills, which helps to get rid of fat, it works if you exercise and do not eat harmful to the body if compared with other drugs.

Try to run every day at the stadium, swing the press, and other exercises that help burn fat.

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