Can I lose weight without training?

Can I lose weight without training?

I have problems with being overweight, I want to get rid of it, but there is another little problem I do not have free time to go to the gym or run around in the stadium. Is there a way to get rid of fat without exercise?

Very often you can hear such a question from a girl, a woman or a man.
Yes, you can really get rid of excess weight without physical training, only with the help of diets. Although this way will be longer and more complicated.

What is weight loss?

Drowning is when there is a caloric deficit , that is, a condition in which the body receives fewer calories than it will spend on its needs. This condition can be obtained on the one hand, reducing the caloric content of the diet, and with the second – increasing from the expenditure of energy through increased physical activity. The way “diet + exercise” is much more effective, because you burn fat 2 times faster.

Energy balance is not all

If you sit on a diet, you need to do it right, to reduce the calorie content of food is not the main thing. You need to make up so your diet to consume fats to a minimum of 0.5 grams per kilogram of weight. Carbohydrate is small, and the proteins are greatest.
Because if the body starts to miss a protein, it will include the catabolism process and begin to break down your muscle mass, not fat. You will lose weight, but it will not burn fat, but meat (muscles).

So you can not forget about protein foods! In the food section you can read in detail about protein foods.

What are the advantages of physical training?

The advantage of physical training from diets is that the process of fat burning starts faster, you burn calories, speed up the processes of metabolism. After training, you eat and calories are not stored in fat, but absorbed by muscles, replenish the energy reserves that you used up.

Conclusion : you can lose weight without training! But it is very hard and long, if you have the willpower and desire, then you will succeed! If you still have the opportunity to do physical exercises (running, aerobics, press), then I would advise you to do them, too, so you will quickly lose weight.

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